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Kids Child Kick Push Mini Folding Scooter with 4 Wheel Outdoor

Kids Child Kick Push Mini Folding Scooter with 4 Wheel Outdoor
Brand :Brand: Locaso
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  • Foldable Kids Kick Scooter with 4 Wheels
  • Adjustable height handlebar from 64.5cm right up to 80cm.
  • Height Adjustable Handle Bar with Soft Foam Comfortable Handle Grips
  • Includes a Mud / Rain guard
  • Maximum rider weight 40kg.
  • Lean and Steer Technology.
  • The lightweight and foldable composition make the 4 wheeled scooter easy to carry and convenient to store when not in use.
  • The streamlined new deck design adds stability and super strong steel handlebars ensure the smoothest of rides, even making rough ground a breeze in the park.
  • Max Rider Wight: 40Kg.
  • Adjustable Height Handle Bar: 64.5cm to maximum 80cm
  • Foot Base Width: 13cm
  • Foot Base Length: 26cm
  • Handle Bar Size: 26cm
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight Without Packing: 2.1kg
  • Weight With Packing: 2.50kg
  • Front and Rear Wheel Size: 90mm PVC
  • Colour: Green
  • Do not go Sledging on Slant Roads
  • Be careful and use the necessary protection for yourself while riding
  • Please make to periodically check all the bolts on this kick scooter
  • When you are riding, the environment must be secure
  • Please use this Kick Scooter with parental guidance
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Folding Outdoor Kids Child Kick Push Scooter with 4 Wheel

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