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ATS AMF Controller Automatic Transfer Switch Generator

ATS AMF Controller Automatic Transfer Switch Generator
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· ATS-F60V4is the 4th Refined version of ATS.
· This controller board is specially designed for Generator Automatic start, stop and other maintenance applications.
· It starts and stop the Genset in automatic or manual Mode, which can be set from a switch available on the Controller board.
· This ATS-F60V4 is more reliable and has Low Power Consumption because of its SMTTechnology, which is less than 20mA current.
· This Model has a LCD, Keypad and Status LED`s for better user interface and easysystem configurations.
· ATS-F60V4is an ideal controller board for Automatic Controlling wide variety of Petrol,diesel & gas genset generator application.


· RoHS Certified, Compact size, and Very Low power consumption less than 20mA current.
· SMTSMD (Surface Mount Technology), Double layer.
· InputPower i: Battery ii: AC adapter option
· LCD and some relays are optional on demand (which can reduce the cost very much if not used).
· StatusLED`s, LCD Display and Six Keys Keypad for easy interface with systemconfiguration.
· Choke Option before self.
· Oi land Temperature check.
· Upto 9 different self can be set, default is 3 self.
· Duration of Self and Choke are adjustable.
· Easy Auto and Manual Operation Selection.
· Input Power Polarity protection.
· Dedicated components for each relay.
· Main Ac and Input DC power Isolation.

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ATS AMF Controller Automatic Transfer Switch Generator

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