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4 Port High Quality USB 2.0 High Speed HUB Bus Pow

4 Port High Quality USB 2.0 High Speed HUB Bus Pow
Brand :Brand: Pluscom
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4 Port High Quality USB 2.0 High Speed HUB Bus


Windows, Mac, Linux compatible USB 2.0 Hub High Quality 4 port integrated USB ports. Plug in peripherals like digital cameras, Ethernet adapters, modems, printers, mice, keyboards, scanners, and portable data storage devices in seconds. Compatible with Windows, VISTA, MAC and Linux. This High speed USB 2.0 4-Port Hub makes high-speed, low-cost expansion a snap. Equipped with advanced hot swap technology, the hub even lets you attach or detach USB devices while your computer is on, making it possible to switch devices on the fly! Share plug and play connection with multiple input/output USB devices through the 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub! Its ultra-lightweight, compact design features four USB ports and is suitable for PC or Apple laptops and desktop PCs. It also features overcurrent protection on each port to prevent power shutdown of the hub!

  • Single chip integrated USB hub controller with embedded proprietary processor .
  • Support four bus-powered/self-power downstream ports
  • this compact USB 4-Port Hub offers instant connectivity for up to four USB devices
  • Built-in 3.3V voltage regulator allows single +5V operating voltage, resulting in reduced overall system cost
  • you can daisy-chain the 4-Port Hub to additional USB hubs -- you can use up to 7 USB devices at the same time! Expand the capabilities of your PC with one easy step. it’s never been easier
  • Provide up to 500mA current to each port which is sufficient for diverse devices
  • Driver less, hot plug & play
  • Design with super streamline & with color LED show (particular models)
  • Data transfer rates: data transfer rates of up to 480 million bits per second
  • Chipset: GENESYS(GL850)
  • Compatibility:Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7, Mac OS 8.5 or above & Linux 2.4 or above
  • Windows Vista/XP/2000/ME/98/98SE
  • Linux 2.4 or above
  • Mac OS 8.5 or above.
  • 1x 4 Port USB 2.0 HUB
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